If you are thinking about purchasing CBD oil for the first time, or you have already bought a bottle and it’s sitting in your bathroom medicine cabinet, you might be wondering about the best ways to use the oil. First things first, we want to dispell any myths – CBD oil is legal in New Mexico.

At Sacred Wellness, we are always happy to answer these types of questions and offer our thoughts and advice on the most effective ways to use CBD oil. However, in case you have questions when we are not open for business, or you prefer to research this topic yourself, this in-depth blog should give you all the information you are looking for.

So, without further ado, let’s look at the various ways to use CBD oil.

Option One: CBD Oil Vape Pens

As Consumer Reports notes (1), a vape pen is a decent way to use CBD oil. The device heats up a small amount of the concentrated CBD oil until it boils, which then allows you to inhale the vapor.

As is the case with all of the methods we will go over in this blog, there are pros and cons to using a vape pen with CBD oil. For instance, inhaled CBD tends to get into your bloodstream really quickly—usually in 30 seconds or less. If you are using CBD oil to help alleviate pain and/or anxiety, this quick action can be very helpful. As for a “con,” controlling your dosage can be challenging with a vape pen, especially at first as you get used to it.

Option Two: CBD Oil Drops and Sprays

CBD oil tinctures can be taken with a dropper or a spray, directly into your mouth. This can be a very easy way for people to use their CBD oil and does not involve buying another device like a vape pen. Another benefit is that putting CBD oil directly into the mouth leads to quick absorption—while it’s not as fast as a vape pen, it has a pretty nice fast action effect.

As for challenges, it can also be confusing to determine how much of the oil to place in your mouth; you are always welcome to ask one of our friendly members of our team for help—just give us a call.

Option Three: CBD Topicals

Do CBD topicals actually work? That’s a decision unique to each person. If you plan on using your CBD oil primarily for treating aches and pains including sore muscles, applying the oil directly to the painful areas may be your best bet.

You can either apply the oil straight up to your sore neck or knees, or if you wish you can add some drops to a favorite cream or lotion and smooth it onto your skin. If you do mix it with a cream, be sure to let your skin absorb it before hitting the shower or going into the pool. As for pros, applying your oil directly to your skin means it will not be absorbed by your entire body; if you are just getting into the world of CBD oil, you might like that you can control where the oil goes.

If you need any help starting your CBD oil use journey, we are here to help!