When 2018 came along and the US Farm Bill was made into law, hemp growers were liberated and CBD products could be produced, sold and used legally. This opened the door for the creation and production of multiple products containing cannabinoids (CBDs), including topical creams, lotions and oils. Since then, millions of people in the United States have benefited from using CBD products.

Here are two examples of ordinary people that have treated their health and mental problems successfully with CBD products:

A Veteran’s Struggle

Along with the common casualties of war, there are other casualties that are often not mentioned. Thousands of veterans return home from active duty with post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD).

The high levels of stress, anxiousness and anxiety were driving one veteran by the name of Daniel literally out of his mind. Along with counseling and other forms of therapy, Daniel was prescribed Zoloft. Although it helped him sleep, the side effects included nightmares and frequent thoughts of suicide. One afternoon, Daniel’s close friend told him about CBD and chronic pain. His friend had been using a CBD tincture for his chronic back pain for months and suggested Daniel try it for his PTSD symptoms.

After just thirty minutes, Daniel experienced a feeling of calm he hadn’t felt in a while. It wasn’t that it was a mind-altering high; he just didn’t feel so nervous and on edge anymore. He decided to purchase the best he could afford and has been using it since. After discussing the issue with his doctor, he was taken off of his medication. He is sleeping well and has been able to control his panic attacks with the help of his favorite CBD tincture.

Catherine’s Story of Relief

Ever since Catherine had a stroke in the summer of 2016, she has had a chance to recover quite nicely. The only problem has been the moderate to severe seizures that are a symptom of the damage done to her brain when she had her stroke. There was never any telling when she would be gripped with a seizure, and this was a constant worry on her mind. Her medications were helping, but they also came with side effects like drowsiness and increased confusion. Then her daughter suggested taking CBD oil for her seizures.

Catherine has been using CBD oil ever since the spring of 2018 and she doesn’t plan on stopping. She still has a seizure every once in a while, but they are very moderate and pass very quickly. She has proven that there are links between CBD and chronic pain because it also helps with her arthritis, which she’s had since her early forties. She takes the CBD oil in various ways, including adding a few drops to her favorite smoothies or simply underneath the tongue.

As more clinical trials are conducted on the effectiveness of CBD medications for treating various illnesses and medical conditions, people will rethink how they see hemp and marijuana. This is just one more example of how science can shed light on things and open us up to possibilities we would otherwise dismiss without considering.