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We are proud to provide cannabidiol (CBD) supplements to the public

in Santa Fe, Albuquerque, and Las Cruces.

Our signature product line formulated and hand-made

right here, in New Mexico.

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What Is CBD

CBD is a naturally-derived cannabis supplement which can alleviate pain caused by inflammation, may help to relieve anxiety and depression.  It is used by many as to aid in the suppression of muscle spasms, and also may reduce blood sugar levels.  CBD is non-psychoactive, and is legal in all 50 states.  This means it does not cause a cloudy mental effect, and is safe to use by all ages.

CBD is a non-psychotropic herbal supplement with enormous therapeutic potential.  CBD has a strong anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, and anti-spasm, and anti-convulsion effect.

Scientific and clinical studies have shown that CBD could be therapeutic for many conditions, including chronic pain, cancer, anxiety, diabetes,
epilepsy, rheumatoid arthritis, PTSD, sleep disorders, and many other ailments.

Only the Best

Welcome To Local Wellness

We also offer locally-sourced essential oils, flower essences, hydrosols, gemstones, and crystals for a holistic healing experience.

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Sacred Wellness now offers a line of alcohol-free, oil-based CBD tinctures for better absorption and assimilation. Produced from hemp-derived CBD isolate and fractionated coconut oil, with organic essential oils for flavor. You may now enjoy our CBD oil in two flavors Lavender-Mint, Orange-Coriander, or Unflavored.

Herbal Blends

We offer a variety of hemp-derived tinctures from full spectrum alcohol/glycerin hemp extracts to oil based tinctures blended with CBD isolate to suit your needs and taste.  Our herb-infused traditional tinctures were created for easy absorption and fast relief of a variety of symptoms.


All our edible treats are handmade with organic ingredients in Santa Fe, New Mexico with your healing journey in mind. Enjoy easy dosing with our simple candy gems and signature taffy, or gummy treats. Chocoholics will relish our delicious dark chocolate bar, brownies and fudge – all infused with our high-quality hemp-derived CBD isolate. 


Our full-spectrum CBD hemp honey-oil is available for easy oral dosing, making your own edibles, or dabbing. Better than RSO, our honey oil is decarboxylated to make the cannabinoids the most bio-available for our customers. Sacred Wellness also offers the same high-quality CBD isolate we use in all our tinctures. This product may be used to make your own CBD-infused vape juice for use in low-voltage or sub-ohm style box mods.

Vape Pens

Sacred Wellness carries CBD Lux Disposable Vape Pens – Made from 100% pure organic ingredients this is a convenient delivery system to provide your CBD in a simple device. By using a Pharma grade isolate that has been winterized and decarboxylated, we are able to offer the highest quality and purity to you.


Handmade with organic oils and sustainably sourced butters we incorporate hemp-derived CBD isolate with powerful botanical medicine to create truly unique and effective topical lotions, salves, and massage oils. Our signature massage oil is blended with organic cold pressed carrier oils and top quality essential oils to create therapeutic and relaxing massage oils.


What People are Saying

“Great Service ”

“I’ve been going to Sacred Wellness for a while now and I’m obsessed! Great service and even better products. They have whatever you’re looking for and the quality is amazing!.”

Brad Buckman

“It really makes a difference”

“I’ve been using CBD oil to treat my anxiety, and to relieve hip pain from a car accident injury. It really makes a difference! I’m taking 8 milligrams of the Bronze tincture from Sacred Wellness.

Aubrey Owens

“I’m Convinced”

“I’m convinced this is the best CBD on the market! Thanks Sacred Wellness and keep making all of the quality products.”

Nathan Jones

“Friendly and Helpful.”

Their CBD topicals have really helped with the hand pain I’ve been having. It helps that the staff are friendly and helpful.

Adam Vincent

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Can you Vape CBD?

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